Registered groodle breeders victoria

Its that time of year where we're excited, nervous, patiently awaiting for two successful "honeymoons. Behind the Scenes at Beanfeet Grooming. Ever wondered what goes into making your dog fluffy and beautiful even when they are dirty, knotty and matted? Josh speci My Princess Bodhi, pregnant with Charlie, expecting atleast "6" babies has completely baffled us today!

The Vet told us "atleast 6, well a belly full" but we did not expect 10! Yes, that's right, 10 babies, my heart is overflowing with love and excitement. This morning It is getting closer to a beautiful Australian Christmas, lets not forget the little things we can put into place to diminish those emergency trips to the Vets! Your pooch has the We chose Young Diggers as an. June 25, Tayla Jordan. Read More. June 3, Josh Gills.

Behind the Scenes at Beanfeet Grooming Ever wondered what goes into making your dog fluffy and beautiful even when they are dirty, knotty and matted?

registered groodle breeders victoria

Successful Honeymoon! February 1, Santa's naughty list! December 15, Jordan Country Grooming is here! December 3, October 28, Our dogs are not just a number to us.! Our dogs live in door yards where they get to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and can run and play.

We are there when every baby is born and like human babies, puppies are often born during the night, and we are with our girls regardless of time. Phone: 03 We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Our Cavoodles are ideal for any family situations, whether you have children and after your first family dog, downsizing from a larger breed or just want a loving companion to fill your home with joy and unconditional love.

All of our babies are reared in a loving environment in fresh country air and plenty of room to run around, have fun and enjoy life. Visitors are welcome to come and meet our mums, dads and babies.

Omega Park Kennels are located 20 minutes from Sale in Victoria. Who is Omega Park? We work together, rearing the babies and taking care of the mums and dads. People often ask about our facilities…we do and always have adopted a natural approach with our dogs. We believe that dogs should be allowed to live outdoors and be able to run around at their leisure, and not be kennelled for 23 hours per day.

Skyglo Road Seaspray Victoria Copyright Omega Park Kennels. Design by Webcity.More than individual clubs representing a single breed, a group of breeds or all breeds are affiliated with DOGS Victoria.

Our puppies have found homes all across Australia, in New Zealand and also Asia. Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and are very well socialised with children, making them the ideal family companions.

Groodles have become a popular choice for many, with some being specially trained to become service dogs, companion animals for children with disabilities including autism and as medical alert dogs for diabetics and epileptics. Our Groodle bundles are bought up in our family home! Sharing the love xx We will post here how our Groodle puppies and their mumma. Only breeds with registered breeders in Western Australia appear here.

A Registered Breeder will be a member of Dogs Victoria, and will have their 'prefix' kennel name registered with Dogs Victoria. Registered microbreeder in Victoria, Wtb female Groodle pup in either black, brown or caramel.

Halo travelled home really well as you will see by one of the pics. We live on a 70 acre property and primarily run cattle. Are you ready? We are happy to have had our puppies chosen as therapy dogs and service dogs. ABN: Groodles are an affectionate and caring breed; you could call them gentle giants. Registered Breeder - Creating the ultimate in pure and mixed breed dogs. Tinka and Woolly's F1 Groodles. They are great indoor and outdoor dogs.

I am so sorry but due to huge demand we have no pups currently available. All our border collie puppies have medium to long coats. Groodle and Cavoodle Registered ethical Breeder Australia. We only sell to caring responsible homes able to meet the needs of a puppy and lifelong pet. Missy's Spoodles. Our Bordoodle puppies are all 1st Generation puppies. We are a fully accredited, family-run business and passionate about doodle dogs.We have a strong commitment to providing you with a designer bred puppy to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We take special care in selecting only the best sires and dams to produce the best temperament puppies for you and your family. Recognised registered breeder DPI Regulated 35 years experience Specialise in spoodle and groodle puppies. About Us We have a strong commitment to providing you with a designer bred puppy to suit your needs and lifestyle. Learn More. His cheeky but laidback personality is just perfect for us and already he has a unique personality which far surpasses his young 10 weeks.

My partner and I are vets at a specialist hospital and as such we have been extra vigilant in trying to find the right Breeder to suit our morals The whole process was smooth and Leish tirelessly answered everyone of our in depth questions about their health and history.

We really did our research in finding the best Groodle Breeder we could, and all our efforts paid off. Thank you Rivergum! She weighs She really is the light of our lives. I cannot thank you enough for the most kind natured but spunky little lady! She is also incredibly smart and easy to train.

Thank you! We are stopped in the street constantly on our walks by everyone, she is always the centre of attention and loves it too by the way! As our vet said when she first met her The breed is intelligent, compassionate, playful and joyous. They are great indoor and outdoor dogs. While they love to be part of the family indoors they also love to run at the beach and in open spaces.

Rivergum love their dogs and love to find them good homes.

registered groodle breeders victoria

The pups are transported trouble free and with care. I highly recommend Rivergum to anyone who would like to add a treasure to their home. We have had great success with these bright, intelligent and friendly dogs. Groodles We at Rivergum were one of the first to breed the Groodle, which has now become one of the most sought after breed due to their lovely nature whilst being a larger sized dog. Puppy Health. Latest News.

What's new at Rivergum??Our Breeding establishment is set amongst. Murray River Puppies has an outstanding reputation through-out Australia. Breeder source We maintain annual audits to ensure proper animal welfare is maintained.

We work closely with and are monitored by the. All puppies are vaccinated, micro-chipped, in accordance with Victorian laws and legislation's. Our puppies are not sold prior to being 8 weeks of age. All puppies are fully vet checked and supplied with a health declaration signed by our vet.

Conditions apply. Murray River Puppies Stubby Holder. Puppy Chew and Puppy care information. Pictures of Puppy and Parents are supplied on request.

Come and meet the crew. Visits by appointment to our Kennels are. Delivery of puppies interstate can be arranged. Visit FAQ. Please take time to browse through our website www. About us. Established inour business was created.

She gave birth to 150 puppies then was discarded. How Victoria's story could stop puppy mills

We are situated at Cobram in the north of Victoria on Murray River; hence our business name. We are a registered company permitted to breed, buy, sell and rear beautiful puppies, registered as a Domestic Animal Business with the Moira Shire Council.

We are monitored by our local ranger, shire representatives and various Victorian government departments. Murray River Puppies are actively involved in the breeding industry Proud and active members of the Australian Association Pet Dog breeders. Our breeding program has rewarded us by uniting many Australian families over the years with happy, healthy, companion pets with great temperaments. At Murray River Puppies Pty Ltd we strive to maintain a high standard breed of dogs and beautiful puppies.

We have built our business with excellent support from Fort Dodge Animal Health, with advice on an effective vaccination program for both our puppies and our breeding stock.

registered groodle breeders victoria

We use the best vaccine available in the country. All breeders and their babies are given the best from day one, with a Vet approved diet and a complete parasite program.

All our dogs and puppies receive constant handling and are very well socialized. Socialization, exercise and enrichment is a daily routine for our girls, guys and families. All parents are DNA tested proir to Breeding. All our breeding dogs have planned retirement programs agreed on by our vet. We understand that choosing a new puppy is exciting and also a big decision therefore it.

To assist with your next family addition, we have elaborated on this in our Breed Profile.An initiative of Greater Springfield Veterinary.

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Groodles Australia is a community program with a generous spirit.

Groodles Australia is a generous community-minded social enterprise, breeding the most beautiful, sound, healthy and intelligent Groodle puppies for the enrichment of all involved. Groodles are a popular choice for many, with some of our puppies specially trained as service dogs, companions for children with disabilities including autism and medical alert dogs for diabetics and epileptics.

This gorgeous breed suits individuals and families from all walks of life, and you will agree they are very special indeed! Established inGroodles Australia has grown into a wonderfully fun and generous community program, allowing us to promote a beautiful companion dogs while facilitating significant donations to charities.

Groodles Australia provides scope to support organisations dear to the hearts of our veterinary team at Greater Springfield and our participating groodle guardian families.

Have a question? Please take a look at our FAQs. All rights reserved. Copyright Greater Springfield Veterinary Groodles Australia is a community program with a generous spirit.

Beautiful, Healthy, Intelligent Groodle Puppies!

Our Staff Meet our dedicated team. Read More. Our Litters Search for our latest litters. Groodles Newsletter. About Us. Our Community. We just wanted to let you know that Oscar little boy is doing very well. Today he went to puppy day care and he went very well top of the class. He is enjoying our garden very much, his our own little gardener, his pulling out the grass and watering it for us, oh and pulling out our sprinklers. He is so great he has made our life wonderful we still have much to learn.

Thanks so much, we would recommend you to anybody who would be thinking of buying a groodle. We are very happy with our decision to purchase our groodle pup. She has quickly found a place in all our hearts. She is always close by, enjoys being handled, is easy to groom, easy to please.

She puts a smile on all our faces every day! Her favourite things seem to be eating cheese much like myselfattempting to get our cats to play with her they do not agree with thischasing her frisbee, and stealing the best seat on the couch! I have loved being part of the Groodles Australia community because it's a place where I didn't expect to make friends yet did and the support from other Groodle parents is unlimited from the day you bring your baby home to, as I understand it, the day your Groodle makes that trip over the Rainbow Bridge.

Facebook-f Instagram. Site Map. Website by Five Creative. Cart Item Removed. No products in the cart.Sticking to it is the hardest step of all. Ask yourself how badly you want it, looking back at the top two photos, I now know how badly I DON'T want to be in that position again. Not only was I unhappy, but I also felt like absolute crap.

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