Bilstein shocks 4600 vs 5100

The Bilstein series is the industry standard for factory replacement shock absorbers for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. The famous yellow shock has led the way in stock replacement shocks absorbers, utilizing their famous monotube design that increases vehicle control both on and off-road if thats your thing. The digressive piston and valving of Bilstein's shocks mean low speed inputs turning, braking, acceleration have a firmer response than a typical factory shock.

This reduces body roll and nose dive in daily drivers. We opt for the series on a daily driver and commuting vehicle.

bilstein shocks 4600 vs 5100

Most drivers probably wouldn't even notice a difference between the and on their commute under the same vehicle and circumstances. The only real differences come if that same vehicle had a higher center of gravity from a lift kit, or if that same vehicle has larger wheels and tires over factory specs. Thats when the benefit of the comes into play with appropriate valving to handle the added unsprung weight. The series has had a strong lead in the consumer offroad segment of weekend warriors and offroad enthusiast for the last decade.

The Bilstein zinc plated monotube shock is described by Bilstein as being more oriented for lifted trucks, heavier-than-stock vehicles, trucks or Jeeps running larger wheels and tires, and basically anything modified and not factory. If you are doing anything more than a typical commute with your daily driver, such as offroading, fire roads, or you're hauling equipment, the is the answer. If you're in the market for a leveling kit on a strut-equipped truck, and also need new shocks, the series adjustable height struts are a no brainer.

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Bilstein 4600 vs 5100 – Difference Between Two Shocks

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Bilstein 4600 vs 5100 Series, what are the major differences?

Shock Buyer's Guides Shocks Rebates. Support Expand menu Collapse menu. Bilstein vs Series, what are the major differences?

Whats better for a daily driver, or ? Most factory height vehicles will only have a series available. Bilstein Latest Blog Post. Tacoma versus Raptor: Summer Vacation Edition. Shock Buying Guides. Shocks Shop by Vehicle. Contact Us.Although they are different brands and may appear to be very different from each other the Bilstein and Heavy Duty actually share many of the same components and ride characteristics.

The main difference between the Bilstein Heavy Duty vs Bilstein s is that the Heavy Duty or series is designed for stock height trucks and the Series is built for lifted trucks. The other major difference between the Heavy Duty and is that the Bilstein Series shocks have a zinc coating with a brushed metal shock body and a black boot while the Heavy Duty uses a painted yellow body with a blue dust boot.

The Similarities: The series and the Heavy Duty shocks use the same technology internally. Both use the same internal valving and at stock height will ride the same shocks for lifted trucks may use different valving settings in order to accommodate the extra weight of larger tires. Both shocks are pressurized with psi of nitrogen to prevent shock fade and foaming of the shock oil. The outer construction of both shocks is identical as well with an extruded metal body rather for maximum strength and top of the line seals.

The series and Heavy Duty series are both covered under Bilstein's limited lifetime warranty that protects against any manufacturer defects for the life of the shock. For stock height trucks, the Bilstein Heavy Duty yellow and blue shocks are the most popular choice, because they typically cost a few dollars less than the shocks and provide excellent performance for towing, light offroading or normal driving.

Many customers do prefer the Series even on stock trucks because the shortest s are typically built for 0 to 2 inches of suspension lift, meaning they can run the on their stock height truck but leave the option open for a lift later on down the road. For leveled trucks, where the owner has either purchased an aftermarket leveling kit or turned their truck's torsion keys up, Bilstein has shocks designed specifically for a inch leveling kit.

On some trucks with coilover type front shocks, a Bilstein Leveling Shock is available that is capable of lifting the front of the vehicle up. We recommend using the rear shocks along with your front s on leveled trucks because the rear shocks are usally an inch longer than stock to accommodate a small lift.

In our experience, once someone gets a taste of lifting their truck, they always go back for more. If you already have the shocks on the rear, you always have that option without needing to buy new shocks when you decide to add the lift.

For lifted trucks, the Bilstein series is the only choice. With a few exceptions, all Heavy Duty shocks are designed only for use on stock height trucks. Bilstein shocks are designed for every size of lift for popular trucks, so whether your truck is a modified daily driver or an all-out offroad monster, there is a Bilstein shock to fit it. Enter your vehicle information to find Bilstein products for your vehicle. If you don't see what you need, call Shockwarehouse at Select a Make First.

Select a Make.You can go from a soft, OEM-style ride to balanced to Bilstein-like firm performance. The RSMT absorber is not as flexible, but it fixes a common Rancho pain — rust and a corrosion of the tube itself. A tad better dampening and really smooth ride for cheaper.

Table of Contents. Take the TJ or even older-gen Wranglers — potholes or washboard roads will hit hard with a pair of They were born for the firmer nature of Bilsteins.

There are structural differences too. Bilstein is a monotube shock — the rod goes into the tube powered by high-pressure gas coming from a separate sealed chamber.

No oil gets displaced, and you get improved damping. A controlled valve regulates the flow of oil from an inner tube to a second one, until it reaches the outer reservoir in the end.

To Bilsteins high pressure gas, Ranchos offers low pressure gas for smoother operation. Generally, Bilstein are sturdier due to the monotube construction. The zinc plating also helps — while both shocks are made of steel, XL are only painted. They rust quite easily because of that, something a lot of offroaders are reporting.

It sticks to a monotube construction, has zinc plating and emulates almost everything from how Bilstein performs. You lose in terms of the tri-tube adjustability of XL, but you gain in terms of outer body sturdiness and long-lasting performance.

In any case, these are the top representatives of mid-range shocks. Not as premium and expensive as the extreme-grade Foxand certainly several cuts above your typical entry-level brands.

As I mentioned before, things are pretty much comparable here. Aside from this little hiccup, I think the simply rides better on stock vehicles. The same applies to the Bilstein Rancho shocks are a part of the Tenneco empire.

Which maybe makes it logical that they spread their supply chain across the world. Bilstein, however, makes zero compromise in terms of location too. Their shocks are produced either in Germany or locally in the US. And even then you can fix their rust issues with a quick paint job. Founder of ToolingFun. Couldn't even change a lightbulb in my teenage years. Discovered the joy of DIY projects during my 2nd year in college. All about tinkering around, trying fun tools and projects, and giving my opinion on industry brands!Of course, which one would be a better choice too.


Ride height: s fit only stock-height vehicles. Durability: s come with an additional zinc plating. Ride feel: Bilstein will ride way smoother, shocks go for a noticeably firmer feel with their valving. For lifted, heavier trucks you want to take on dirt adventures — s are the way to go. I want to expand on each point a little bit more, so do continue reading. Use the table of contents to jump to whichever section interests you the most. Table of Contents. Say, you have a stock height Silverado.

This is a task for the with their adjustable height options. This lift comes mainly from the rear pair of s, which features a slightly elongated body to allow height increase. The two shock series are mostly the same in terms of internal components. Even their nitrogen psi is the same, clocking at The biggest difference that makes Bilstein a sturdier shock is the zinc plating it comes with. You can easily notice it as this is why s feature a sleek chrome appearance:.

Compared to this enhanced shock protection, Bilstein stick to a simple painted coating. With the monotubes, the zinc finish will achieve that.

bilstein shocks 4600 vs 5100

After all, it protects the monotube from gravel roads or just general debris. To most, this would probably the biggest difference between the two shocks from our favorite German manufacturer.

Because of the different valving. What the higher numbers translate to is more firmness when your vehicle goes through any damping on the road.Bilstein and Bilstein Heavy Duty are competitors of different brands.

They have the same technology, but they also have multiple differences right from purpose to build. If you are confused between them and are unable to understand what purposes they serve, you have come to the right place.

This article will ease your confusion by laying out their similarities and differences clearly for you. They have the same stock height and valving. In other words, their internal technology and build are pretty much the same.

Another major similarity is that pressure is also the same. They both have psi nitrogen making them quite resistant to shocks. On the outer side, too, you will see that they both look quite similar. One of the most obvious differences between the two is the look.

The heavy-duty shocks have a yellow body. The dust boot is blue. The series, on the other hand, has a metal body. The dust boot, in this case, is black. The biggest difference, though, is the purpose. If you are using the shock for stock height trucks, you will need to go with the shocks.

If you have lifted trucks, you will prefer the series. More about their purpose. More often than not, we have noticed individuals purchasing the series for stock height trucks as well. However, this is not the norm.

bilstein shocks 4600 vs 5100

The shocks have been designed specifically to help you with stock height trucks. Also, Bilstein shocks are more affordable and perform extremely well for offboarding, towing, and regular driving. You must go with the shocks. You cannot expect the same results if you try using in this case. Do you have a leveled truck? You may have to do some homework then. This is important because Bilstein has shocks made for various reasons.

For example, if you have a inch leveling kit, you will have shocks to compliment it. Again, if you pick the wrong one, you may regret it in the future.

To put it all together, even though the same alike, we would say they are quite different, and every truck owner should understand this. You should pick shocks depending on your requirements. So, it is mainly the requirement that should call the shots. We hope all your doubts are cleared and you are all set to buy the rig h t shocks for your truck.

All the best! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. More about their purpose More often than not, we have noticed individuals purchasing the series for stock height trucks as well.

Bottom line To put it all together, even though the same alike, we would say they are quite different, and every truck owner should understand this.

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bilstein shocks 4600 vs 5100

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